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Child Development Consultation

A child’s Neurodevelopment is defined as the  various skills through which the child interacts with the environment that surrounds him, in a dynamic perspective, according to his age, his maturity, his intrinsic biological factors and the environmental stimulation.

This consultation deals with  children at risk of neurodevelopment pathologies, especially children with a history of prematurity, metabolic diseases, genetic syndromes, but also conditions such as cognitive deficit, cerebral palsy or autism, behavioral changes and / or learning difficulties, among others.

Neurodevelopment assessment includes: posture and global motricity; vision and fine motor skills; hearing and language; behavior and social adaptation, and each of these areas has several strands, to which different professionals are called to intervene.

Causes of delayed development are diverse, and may originate in the prenatal phase (eg, mother’s alcohol consumption, chromosomal diseases, genetic syndromes), or may relate to the peripartum period (in the case of asphyxia or infections) or even appear at a later stage (metabolic or endocrine diseases, malnutrition, accidents, emotional imbalances).

The severity and complexity of situations are very variable, most often involving a multidimensional set of changes: motor, cognitive, visual or auditory.



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