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Hepatology Consultation

Fibroscan Hepatology Consultation

In this consultation, liver disease is addressed, from studying liver test result alterations to follow-up of patients with chronic conditions, such as liver cirrhosis. During this consultation the gastroenterologist can perform a technique known as hepatic Fibroscan®, a complementary diagnostic test.

A hepatic Fibroscan®, also known as hepatic elastography, is an equipment used in the diagnosis of liver function, namely the evaluation and quantification of fibrosis and hepatic steatosis (fat) (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), and also in the diagnosis and follow-up of hepatitis B and C, biliary diseases, metabolic or autoimmune diseases, among other conditions.

Hepatic steatosis occurs due to excessive accumulation of fat in the hepatocytes (liver cells), with healthy liver tissue being partially replaced by unhealthy patches of fat, resulting in an enlarged and heavier liver. This accumulation may be due to changes in metabolism or a response of the liver to an aggression to its functioning.

That is, it can be a symptom of liver disease (such as hepatitis C or alcoholic disease) or it can be related to metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity, metabolic syndrome), leading to the so-called non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. In most people, this condition can regress as long as the metabolic problem is eliminated or controlled. However, about 30% of cases may progress to hepatic steatosis or steatohepatitis, this silent (without symptoms) and slow (over years) progression, can lead to liver cirrhosis and, less frequently, cancer of the liver.

In addition to the deficiencies caused to the liver, all patients with hepatic steatosis are at an increased risk of developing diabetes and cardiovascular diseases (coronary heart disease, heart attack and stroke). Once steatosis and associated factors are diagnosed, it is crucial to change lifestyles.

The main diseases diagnosed and treated in the Hepatology Consultation are related to the liver, but also to the pancreas and bile ducts.

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For Fibroscan® exam appointments on the unit:
HPA - Gambelas

Tlf: 967 178 009 - 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday
or by email: examesespeciaishpaf@grupohpa.com


For Fibroscan® exam appointments on the unit:

Tlf: 969 883 728 - 9 am to 6 pm from Monday to Friday
or by email: orcamentosmadeira@grupohpa.com