Angiologia e Cirurgia Vascular

Immunohemotherapy specialists have the primary function of providing safe and effective blood components for transfusion, favoring clinical intervention and articulation with other medical specialties.

It is the responsibility  of these specialists to evaluate the prescription, prepare and send the most appropriate product to the recipient, for the different clinical situations. They rely on increasingly sophisticated laboratories and technology  to reduce immunological and risks of infectious, maximizing compatibility between cells, tissues and diagnosing autoimmune diseases.

Main pathologies / diseases

The prevalence of congenital anemia and its dependence on blood transfusions  in a chronic or sporadic way is also the responsibility of Immunohemotherapy at the treatment level, including  the diagnosis and prevention of red blood cell pathology, integrating biochemical and molecular studies  with  clinical cases, collaborating with other medical specialties such as Clinical Hematology and Pediatrics , in the treatment of patients. 

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