Infertility Consultation

Infertility Consultation | Grupo HPA Saúde

The Infertility Consultation at the  HPA Health Group has been created for couples seeking solutions for problems related to infertility.

During the first appointment the Fertility Specialist will begin a process of reviewing the complete medical history of the couple, their reproductive history, including all previously treatment they have already been submitted to, or are currently on. It is essential that the couple come to the fertility consultation together as the initial assessment is for both.

At this point the specialist may request additional tests which might be consider crucial and necessary in reaching a diagnosis.

The couple will be given explanations / guidelines and if the doctor has all the necessary information a treatment plan is discussed with the couple. Alternatively additional tests might be requires which will also be discussed and prescribed.

After the first consultation  all future planning and treatment is previously discussed with the couple.    

Throughout the fertility process it is essential for the couple to always we informed on all procedures. The Fertility Team will always be available to enlighten and clarify any query which the couple feel is important for them.


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