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Midwife Consultation | Grupo HPA Saúde

One of the aims of the Maternity Unit of the HPA Health Group is to provide a healthy pregnancy and a consequent positive outcome in the delivery and postpartum period.

Monitoring by experienced health professionals is extremely important. This period of change with many questions, doubts, fears and a huge desire that everything goes as well as possible for the new family member.

With this in mind we provide the Nursing Consultation in Maternal Health, supervised by a Nurse Specialist in Obstetrics and Maternal Health.

All pregnant women / pregnant couples should consult a specialist nurse, as a complement to an Obstetrician’s monitoring.

This appointment should be scheduled during the 1st Trimester of pregnancy so the future mother is monitored from the beginning, ensuring regular monitoring by a qualified professional throughout pregnancy.  Appointments are scheduled regularly during pregnancy including during the first 28 days after the birth of the baby.

This consultation also enables the future mother to familiarise herself with the maternity and the staff

Much needed information is provide, such as:
  • The various stages of pregnancy; foetal development, health and well-being of the pregnant couple, discomfort caused by pregnancy, expected changes in pregnancy, warning signs, tests and their purpose;
  • Support for breastfeeding and monitoring of warning signs after the birth of the baby (up to 28 days of baby's life).

Forwarding to a Specialist:
  • If the couple or mother-to-be has the need to be seen by a Specialist or  examination, travel, among others, access is targeted and a priority in accordance with the situation;
  • Useful information is also provided on training courses / lectures, workshops, courses for parents and babies.

Free of charge, specially dedicated to Maternal Health during pregnancy.