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Neuroradiology is a specialty recognized by the Medical College since 1980.

This area of medicine studies mainly the central nervous system. Meuroradiology covers diagnostic studies and therapeutic intervention in multiple imaging techniques applied to the skull, neck and spine.

Conventional diagnostic neuroradiology is the  radiological examinations of the skull and spine. 

Modern imaging techniques such as CT Scan(computed tomography) and MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) are currently the main diagnostic equipment used in this field.

Ultrasound and Doppler are also part of  neuroradiology, the   trans-fontanelar ultrasound used in Paediatrics and the  neuro-vascular Doppler of the vessels of the neck  the  intra-cranial vessels.

Neuroradiology is also used in  angiography  particularly for the treatment of vascular malformations and cerebral aneurysms. Guided CT Scans  (drainage and radio infiltrations) and procedures that need guided for CT Scans such as guided vertebroplasty.

The objectives of Neuroradiology  is to provide a quality service in  neuro-sciences such as Neurology and Neuro-Surgery. The osteo-articular pathology in Orthopedics is the other major areas  of neuroradiology at the Grupo HPA Saúde.

The Neuroradiology can be described as a sub-specialty born of the need for greater differentiation of care, following the development of new medical imaging techniques, including MRI.


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