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Obesity Surgery

The Private Hospital has been throughout its history been an advanced  health unit in the Algarve. Now it has decided to face  a new challenge: the  control of Morbid Obesity.

To achieve this objective, it has in its ranks some of the best clinical experts in this area, forming a multidisciplinary team able to respond with rigor and success to a condition as complex as OBESITY, highlighting the surgical team, for their expertise in laparoscopy.

Several surgical alternatives are possible  (gastric band, gastric sleeve, gastric bypass and biliopancreatic diversion), of these we can highlight two: the gastric band and gastric bypass, according to each individual patient’s profile and their individual wishes  after detailed information about the advantages and disadvantages of each procedure is provided.

Another  option is the placing of an intra-gastric balloon by the gastroenterologist team by endoscopy.


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