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Paediatric Nursing Consultation

Paediatric Nursing Consultation

This consultation is carried out by a Specialist Nurse, Specialist in Child and Paediatrics Health.

Services provided:
  • PKU test in babies who did not have them done at the maternity unit before discharge;
  • Growth and development monitoring (weight)  of babies and children;
  • Vaccine administration (other than those provided by the National Health Plan) provided by our hospital pharmacy. Doctor’s prescription necessary);
  • Support and advice ON Breastfeeding;
  • Information on caring for the newborn, baby and child (bathing, feeding, playing, safe transportation, accident prevention, etc.);
  • Blood collection for various analyses in babies / children;
  • Preoperative Consultation on preparation of infants and children;
  • Identifying problems in the newborn infant, baby and child and referral to the various paediatric specialties;
  • Information on the various courses available for babies  "Baby Massage" "Baby Relax" and "Babyoga".



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