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Pediatric Surgery

What is a Paediatric Surgeon?

When a child requires medical or surgical treatment, we seek the health professionals most able to provide the necessary care.

When a child needs an operation, one should consult a surgeon who is qualified and experienced in the treatment of children. The Paediatric Surgeon is the Consultant who carries out surgeries in children.

What is the function of a Paediatric Surgeon?

The Paediatric Surgeon treats most surgical pathologies in children of any age from birth to adulthood.

The Paediatric surgeon is required to have an in-depth knowledge of paediatric medical care encompassing various surgical conditions and diseases and /or birth defects in various organs of the human body.

  • Newborn Surgery;
  • Head and neck, lymph nodes and soft tissue surgery;
  • Abdominal wall surgery – inguinal, umbilical hernias and others;
  • Surgery of the chest wall and the lungs;
  • Digestive Surgery;
  • Paediatric urology;
  • Paediatric gynaecology;
  • Laparoscopy, thoracoscopy, various endoscopic treatments

The Paediatric Surgeon also plays a role in other surgical inventions involving children, cooperating with other surgical specialties such as Plastic Surgery, Children’s Orthopedics and Paediatric Neurosurgery.


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