Pneumology is the medical specialty that deals with the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of diseases of the respiratory system.

We believe that prevention, namely avoiding risk factors (where smoking is the most relevant), is the most appropriate and effective aspect in dealing with respiratory diseases.

We can assist people who wish to cease smoking including follow up consultations, diagnostic screening of respiratory pathology, which allow the detection disease associated with smoking or other occupational risk factors in the earliest stages.

The diseases treated by Pneumology are:
  • Asthma, often caused by allergies;
  • Chronic bronchitis or pulmonary emphysema, usually secondary to chronic smoking. These diseases are also called Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD);
  • Respiratory infections (acute bronchitis, pneumonia, pulmonary tuberculosis);
  • Obstructive sleep apnoea syndrome (a common disease in resonators with exaggerated sleepiness during the day);
  • Other less frequent pathologies such as pulmonary fibrosis, pleural diseases, tumours, pulmonary embolisms, etc.

The Hospital Particular do Algarve is equipped with all the necessary equipment for the study of respiratory diseases, namely: 
  • Respiratory Function;
  • Bronchofibroscopy and other invasive techniques (transthoracic aspiration puncture, pleural biopsy, etc.);
  • Equipment for the study of Sleep Apnoea Syndrome;
  • Chest imaging, High Definition Chest CT Scan;
  • Pulmonary Scintigraphy.


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