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A. J.  Meszticzki

Dr. A. J. Meszticzki


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Consultation for General Practice
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    GNR · Future Healthcare · Allianz · PT ACS · SAMS Quadros · CGD · Médis · Advance Care · ADSE · PSP · ADM · RNA Medical · Multicare · Médis - CTT


Family Medicine
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    GNR · Future Healthcare · Allianz · Advance Care · ADM · SAMS Quadros · CGD · PT ACS · ADSE · PSP · Médis - CTT · RNA Medical · Multicare · Médis


English, German, Hungarian, Russian, Norwegian

Collaborates with HPA since 2012.

Academic Training

Faculty of Medicine, University of Kiel and Munich - Germany. University of Zurich - Switzerland Faculty of Medicine.

State Exam, 1984, Munique - Germany.

Doctorate in Medicine, 1985, Zurich - Switzerland.

Specialist in General and Family Medicine, 1990, Munich - Germany.

Specialist in Aeronautical Medicine and Chiropractic, 1992, Munich - Germany.

Professional Activity

Out-patient consultations - Hospital Particular do Algarve - Gambelas (Faro) and Clínica Particular - AlgarveShopping.

Director of Riverside International Medical Centre, Lda. in Santa Bárbara de Nexe (Faro).

Authorised Medical Examiner AME by INAC in Santa Bárbara de Nexe (Faro).


Scientific Activity / Pedagogical

Aeronautical Medicine 


Main Practice Areas at HPA

Specialist in General and Family Medicine.

Specialist in Aeronautical Medicine.

Emergency Medicine.

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