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World Voice Day

Today World Voice Day the motto is: BE GENTLE WITH YOUR VOICE.

That's why we leave you with some advice from our Speech Therapists:

Tips to keep your voice healthy 

  • Drink about 1.5L water a day;
  • Do vocal warm-up before speaking a lot (especially voice professionals, such as teachers, singers, priests);
  • Eat healthily;
  • Take breaks of 15-30 minutes after talking a lot;
  • Sleep well;
  • Have an adequate body posture when speaking;
  • Carry out anti-stress activities. 

Consult a Speech Therapist when presenting:

  • Persistent hoarseness for more than 2 weeks;
  • Feeling of a "ball" constantly present in the throat;
  • Tiredness when speaking;
  • Frequent throat clearing;
  • Pain and/or burning in the throat;
  • vocal breaks;
  • Sudden loss of voice;
  • Having difficulties in projecting the voice;
  • Constant feeling of irritation in the throat;
  • Feeling of effort when speaking.


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16, April 2019