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We offer the best and most advanced technology combined with the best team


The Unit has the support of Imaging in the following complementary exams: 2D direct digital mammography, 3D digital breast tomosynthesis, breast ultrasound, Breast Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), Image-guided micro biopsy, Image-guided fine-needle aspiration cytology, CT or CAT Scan, X-ray, and general ultrasound (staging).

- Pathology

- Nuclear Medicine (in Partnership)

Based on a person-centered multidisciplinary model, we evaluate each case in weekly therapeutic planning and decision meeting. We consider the best approach supported by protocols of action that follow the most demanding international standards.

In these multidisciplinary meetings participate the residents of the Breast Unit, the medical oncologists, surgeons, plastic surgeons, radiologists specialized in oncology, imaging specialists, pathologists, specialized nurses, and, whenever necessary, psychologists and nutritionist.



HPM's commitment is to provide quality and safe health care with technical and human excellence.


Pharmacological Treatments - Medical Oncology
In cases where pharmacological treatments are available, we guarantee access to the most innovative drugs, ensuring a personalized medical treatment, based on Chemotherapy, Hormonotherapy, and Immunotherapy, according to the behavior of the tumor cells, evaluated in an immunohistochemical study by the Pathological Anatomy and, according to the unique characteristics of the patient.

Surgical Treatments
Concerning surgery, we use the most modern minimally invasive technologies, which may involve oncoplastic surgery (with the support of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery) and, in specific cases, with the use of Intraoperative Radiotherapy (a recent technique that consists of performing direct radiation in a single dose, in the same surgical procedure as the tumor extraction, avoiding radiotherapy in the following 5-6 weeks).
Learn more about Breast Reconstruction.

Radiotherapy  (With Partnership)
The Breast Unit counts with a dedicated nursing team that permanently accompanies the patient throughout their clinical course, guiding and clarifying any doubts that may arise, with the constant support of the medical-surgical Unit.

The Unit's team also has a Case Manager who monitors each clinical process in an integrated and transparent way, facilitates the scheduling of exams and treatments, monitors the collection of results, coordinates with the responsible entities, allowing the recovery and overcoming the disease, are the essence for patients and their families.


The Unit also has the support of the Same Day Out-Patient Unit, where it is possible to carry out the therapies necessary for cancer treatment in complete privacy and comfort.