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Hospital Particular da Madeira - Our quality and your safety are our commitment

HPA Magazine 12


Despite having opened its doors only on the 30th of May, HPM already has a past history, as part of the HPA Health Group. 
HPM is the 4th hospital of the HPA Health Group, the largest private health organization in the Algarve and the coastal region of the Alentejo. In addition to its hospitals, the HPA Health Group is also the holder of 12 clinics and other health-related companies, eg. ambulances, parapharmacies and a health and wellness hotel.
The HPA Health Group has been working in the private health and health tourism sector for over 20 year. It is pioneer in various areas of intervention and technology. Presently the Group has approximately 2.000 employees and over 2 million patients. It is Quality Certified by various entities, and two of its Hospitals have been accredited in medical care and patient safety, by the most prestigious international organization in this field: Joint Commission International.
In addition to technological innovation and differentiation, the HPA Health Group is also distinguished for the humanism of its professionals, hospitality and personal care. 


Our present is our motto "our quality and your safety are our commitment". Our priority is taking care of your health, providing the best possible medical care in maximum safety. We have equipment of prestigious quality and differentiation and a team of excellent, experienced and dedicated professional.


We are projecting our future to grow with our patients. That is our purpose WE WILL BE WITH YOU AT ALL TIMES, BECAUSE YOUR HEALTH IS OF PARTICULAR IMPORTANCE. Welcome to your Hospital Particular da Madeira.




The HPM was designed with the well-being, comfort and above all the safety of all those who visit us, in mind.
With an area of over 3,500m2 and a construction area of 20,000m2, it boasts seven floors, three of which below ground. The building has an elegant and functional architecture, at the same time respecting global environmental sustainability.
The HPM offers its patients more than just comfort. Bearing in mind future generations, the building is endowed with thermal and acoustic insulation, 100% led lighting, solar energy for hot water and electricity, intelligent and automated air conditioning system, all reinforce the environmentally sustainable practices of the HPA Health Group which now also includes this new unit. 
It is a unit where functionality and ergonomics combine with the beauty of its architecture, resulting in a serene and pleasant stay for all those that visit us. The building was constructed to maximize natural light and view, especially in the in-patients units, where these aspects are important for patients’ well-being. 



Let's take a guided tour of HPM so you can get to know us better.

Floors -3 and -2 

Underground parking area with a 198 motor vehicle capacity, covering two floors with elevator access to the upper floors.


Floor -1

The Clinical Analysis Laboratory with Blood Collection Room, Hospital Pharmacy and the Imagiology Department, can all be found on this floor. With the comfort of our patients in mind, the coffee shop and snack bar and also our interior garden with lounge area can also be found here. 

Clinical Analysis Laboratory 

  • This department is managed by Synlab, the European leader in medical diagnostic services, with laboratories in more than 40 countries and over 350 units and laboratories in Portugal. The following services are available at the HPM: Clinical Analysis; Pathology Laboratory; Biopsies; Coagulation; Cytology; Endocrinology; Medical Genetics; Immunology; Hematology; Microbiology; Clinical Chemistry; Serology.
  • Our Laboratory operates 24 hours a day, providing a set of tests and analysis that cover all stages of prevention and health care, with rapid, efficient, accurate and top quality medical diagnostic results.
  • Some of the genetic analysis carried out are: non-invasive prenatal screening, determination of the sex of the baby, genetic predisposition to conditions such as breast and colon cancer, sports performance and food versus genetics, among many others.
  • The following Preventive Medicine screening tests can be carried out: food intolerance study, sleep disorders, stress assessment, intestinal micro-biotic study, and optimization of brain functioning, among many others.

Hospital Pharmacy 

  • Medication and drug control and safety are well evident at the Pharmaceutical Unit of the HPM. The main technological advantages that contribute to the good functioning of the hospital are:
  • · Optical reading has been implemented on all medication, in all hospital departments where medication is administered resulting in automatic registration. 
  • The preparation of intravenous and cytotoxic drugs is carried out in biologically clean conditions, in horizontal and vertical laminar flow chambers. Both chambers have the peculiarity of having airflow treatment. Both rooms have separate antechambers, for both medication and personnel. The cytotoxic preparation chamber has three antechambers with an interlocking door system, to guarantee the appropriate air pressure level in the room, with continuous data recording Kimo / Akivision system.
  • The dispatch and reception point of the vacuum transport system is situated in the Pharmacy. This permits delivery of medication and pharmaceutical products to all departments within the hospital in a very short time, meaning that the staff does not have to waste time collecting medication from the pharmacy, thus resulting in additional time for patient care, which is our priority.

Imagiology Center

  • It is probably the most well-equipped Imagiology Center in the Island of Madeira. It has two (3 Tesla and 1.5 Tesla) MRI machines, a (128 cut) CT Scan, Digital X-ray, Mammography and Ultrasound, facilitating radiology and neuroradiology exams.
  • The staff of the Imagiology Unit consists of receptionists, medical auxiliaries, typists, radiology technicians, radiologists and medical neuroradiologists. Exams performed include X-rays, ultrasound scans, mammograms, CT Scans, MRI, diagnostic and interventional angiography.
  • At the HPM, CT Scans of any segment of the human body are possible, as well as CT angiography (for arterial vascularization), including Cardiac Angio-CT Scans, Mielo-CT Scans (of the spinal cord) and guided interventions by CT Scan.
  • MRI exams are commonly used to study the brain (tumors, degenerative diseases), spinal column (hernias), but the majority of exams requiring an MRI are of the musculoskeletal system. The high resolution and sensitivity of an MRI image, of the various tissues, small tendons and muscular alterations, make this a powerful differential diagnostic tool.
  • Angiography and hemodynamics are performed in the Hybrid Operating Theater, with state-of-the-art digital imagiology equipment.
  • This Operating Theatre is used by teams of various multidisciplinary specialties such as vascular surgery, cardiology, gastroenterology, neurosurgery, uroradiology, orthopedics and radiology, where diagnostic and therapeutic interventions can all be performed.
  • The Imagiology Unit of the HPM, with over 30 professional staff members operates 24 hours a day, as it supports the Emergency Unit, In-Patients Units and Operating Theater of the Hospital. 


On this floor are the Adult Emergency Unit, Operating Theatre and the Surgical Recovery Room, the Out-Patient Consultation Unit and the Special Exams.

24Hour Emergency Unit – Adults 

  • The HPM Adult Emergency Unit works on a 24 hour basis, 365 days a year, responding to medical and surgical emergencies.  
  • The medical and nursing teams of this department have all undergone differentiated training, and can respond to any emergency situations which may arise at any time of the day or night.
  • Immediate response both technically and professional is available from various hospital departments such as from Imagiology, Clinical Analysis, Intensive Care Unit, Operating Theater, and Hospital Admission Unit, which enables us to guarantee excellence in all our services, based on safety and rigor.
  • The Emergency Unit consists of: Observation Room, with vital sign and emergency monitoring equipment; Plaster cast and Treatment Room; Nursing Station, Doctor’s Consulting Rooms and also a recovery room for treatment that does not require monitoring.
  • The Unit is equipped with technology and equipment that allows for rapid, effective and differentiated evaluation of all patients.

Operating Theater 

  • The Operating Theater of the HPA consists of four operating rooms, one of which is hybrid. Hybrid Operating Theatres are currently a worldwide trend, due to their vast benefits. Surgical procedures and non surgical interventions can be carried out in the same space, as both use high-definition imaging equipment. These images are reproduced using advanced software systems that perform three-dimensional body structure reconstruction, in real time. In the particular case of the HPM hybrid operating theater, it has the necessary equipment for interventions in cardiology, vascular surgery and neurosurgery. 
  • The Operating Theater responds to a wide range of surgical interventions, 24 hours a day, every day of the year. We want our patients to benefit from the most advanced technical means available, in comfort, with family support and medical and nursing supervision; resulting in a post-surgery recovery in total safety and with the least pain possible. 
  • Among the state-of-the-art equipment in our Operating Theaters are the latest 3D laparoscopic equipment, surgical laser and ultrasonic vessel sealing and dissection device.

Out-Patients Consultations and Special Exams

  • The Out-Patients and Special Examinations Department occupies 28 consulting rooms, 2 treatment rooms, 1 small surgery room and 1 recovery room. 
  • Appointment in several dozen medical specialties are available in the unit. The special exams offered are: Gastroenterology (Endoscopy, Left Colonoscopy, Total Colonoscopy, ERCP, Polypectomy, Manometry, PHmetry, PEG Tube Placement); Urology (extra corporal lithotripsy, Ureterocistoscopy, Ultrasound, Fluxometry and Dynamic Urological Study (Classic and Virtual), Cardiology (Electrocardiogram, Echocardiogram, Transesophageal Ultrasound, Stress Ultrasound, Heart Stress Test, Mapping and Holter), Pulmonology (Bronchoscopy, Spirometry and Respiratory Function), Vascular Surgery (Sclerotherapy, Echo Doppler), Ophthalmology (exams, treatment and surgery), Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery (Botox, Bioplasty (Fillers), Breast Surgery); Dermatology (Chemical Peelings, Curetics, Cryotherapy, Laser Therapy; Dermocosmetic), Immunoallergology (Skin Tests).


Pediatric Emergency is situated on the 1st Floor, as is the Pediatric Out-Patient Consultation Unity. The Women’s Health Unit which includes the Maternity and the Delivery Room as well as the Intensive Care Unit is also on this floor.

Pediatric Emergency Unit 

  • Children are our most valued asset. We have dedicated a whole wing to the Pediatric Emergency Unit. This wing is intended for children and young people up to the age of 18. It is open from 9am to midnight including weekends and holidays. In the very near future this unit will be open 24/7. Between midnight and 9am young people from the age of 14 can be seen in the Adult Emergency Unit. 
  • The team consists of General Pediatricians and also Pediatricians with subspecialties in Development, Allergology, Gastroenterology and Neonatology. Pediatric Cardiology and Surgery are also available. The Nursing Team are all specialists in Pediatric Health, with extensive experience in providing the necessary care to children and newborn infants, ensuring an immediate and differentiated response.
  • This Pediatric Unit has the support of Imagiology, Clinical Analysis, Operating Theater and the 24-hour In-Patients Unit, ensuring excellent medical care for all children and young people. 
  • The Pediatric Emergency Unit has a 6 bed Observation Room, Medical Consulting Room, Treatment Room and a 6 bed Observation Room, continuous monitoring and supervision as well as medication and treatment for each child’s clinical  situation.

Pediatric Out-Patient Unit 

  • For safety and comfort we have created an autonomous area for the Pediatric Out-Patient Unit. In addition to three doctors' consulting rooms, there is also a waiting room that caters to the needs of the child, a nursing and treatment room, for nursing, administration of therapy, dressing and vaccinations.
  • There is direct elevator access from the underground parking area to the Pediatric Out-Patients Unit and to the Pediatric Emergency Unit. A separate main entrance from street level with direct access to the pediatric area is also possible and also has its own parking area.

Women's Health Unit with Maternity and Delivery Room

  • This unit is focused on monitoring women’s health in all its varied aspects and throughout the women’s different life cycles, including adolescence, pregnancy, childbirth and menopause. 
  • This Unit contains 4 Doctor’s Consulting Rooms, a Treatment Room, 12 room Maternity and a Delivery Room, all with the necessary human resources, including physical and technological conditions to provide medical care to the woman, couple and family, who wish personalized care during the birth of their child. The staff includes experienced Obstetricians / Gynecologists, Neonatologists and Anesthetists and experienced nursing staff Specialists in Maternal and Obstetrical Health, and Child and Pediatric Health. 
  • The Maternity consists of various single rooms and suits all with private bathrooms, alluding to different themes, with excellent conditions of privacy and safety, to make the future mother, couple and baby feel welcome. The future mother may wish to have someone with her at all times. Conditions are available for a companion to stay overnight. The rooms all have excellent hotel conditions, with TV and internet.
  • The delivery room is equipped for a normal delivery for couples who so wish, always promoting maternal-fetal safety and well-being. A neonatal recovery unit adjoining the delivery room, equipped with human and technological resources, to care for the newborn infant is also available. Quality care, safety and continuous monitoring are the motto of this Maternity Unit.

Intensive Care Unit

  • The Intensive Care Unit is a highly differentiated clinical area where care is provided to patients who require continuous surveillance and monitoring/or intensive therapy, either because they are unstable or because they are at risk of vital signs failure.
  • The Intensive Care Unit of the HPM has seven beds, one of them in isolation, as recommended in the national and international guidelines for the safety and functionality of these services.
  • The Intensive Care Unit of the HPM is the only private institution in the Island of Madeira, with technologically advanced equipment in all areas of intervention: monitoring, diagnosis and treatment for severe pathophysiological conditions.
  • The professionals that integrate this unit have a wide experience and specialization in the area of Intensive Medicine, permitting an immediate, safe and effective response in critically diagnosed situations.
  • We thus ensure highly differentiated care in conditions of increased risk, responding to the needs of patients presenting failure of one or more organs or systems, or need postoperative surveillance and follow-up after complex surgery.


On this floor is the In-Patient Unit 2, the Administration Department and the Conference Room. 


In-Patient Unit 2

  • This 52 bed unit consists of hospital admission for all medical and surgical patients from all medical specialties. Patients can choose from private and semi-private rooms and suites. All have private bathroom, television and internet. It is also possible for a companion to stay with the patient in the same room in a comfortable armchair or in a sofa bed.


On this floor are the In-Patient Unit 3, and the Out-Patient Specialist Consultations:  Plastic Surgery, Dermatology, Immunoallergology and Hemato-Oncology as well as the Day Care Oncology Hospital


In-Patient Unit 3

  • This 26 bed in-Patient Unit also caters for hospital admission for all medical and surgical patients from all medical specialties. Patients can choose from private and semi-private rooms. Conditions are the same as those of In-Patient Unit 2.

 Oncology Day Care Hospital

  • In terms of location it is perhaps situated in the most privileged section of the building. In addition to being situated in the uppermost section of the building, it also has a 180º view of the Atlantic Ocean. 
  • The mission of the Day Care Hospital is to provide treatment to scheduled patients in an out-patient basis, providing patients with quality care focused on their improvement. 
  • This is a large area with 5 comfortable armchairs, equipped with all the necessary materials for the purpose. The professionals working in this department combine ethical and humane characteristics supported by their differentiated and specialized medical experience.


Our staff members are of utmost importance for us, these are the people who we work with, showing a huge commitment and dedication on a daily basis.

The Management of HPM, are aware that they must invest in their Unit’s largest asset, its human capital, by seeking ways of motivating, recognizing and appreciating, admitting that competitiveness, stability and organizational success depend on these factors.
We are grateful to have in our teams excellent professionals, whose experience, altruism and ethics, give us confidence and tranquility, making it possible to honor our commitment: health care with quality and safety.