HPA Gambelas 2021
Additional space, but above all a best service

HPA Magazine 15


Finally achieved. 
After a few years of planning and projects, at the end of 2019, when the unit was celebrating its 10th anniversary, due to the need for additional space so many times called for by our professionals and also sometimes suggested by our patients, the Board of Directors decided to move forward with the expansion of the Gambelas Hospital. The space available was no longer enough for the demand. We could not provide additional appointments requested by our patients to cover the number of appointment requests, due to the lack of consulting rooms available. 


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This resulted in an increase in the number of days wait for an appointment. We were all very grateful when the work finally began (January 2020), but at the same time vary wary for the first few days when the work began, that the extensive building work would somehow disturb the convalescence of our in-patients or those in the out-patients ‘consultation area. This did not occur, apart from a few days of additional noise, the building work had no adverse effect on the inside of the building. Very little or nothing at all was noticed of what was taking place on the roof of the building. 
Despite the uncertainty caused by the pandemic (which sometimes forced us to consider whether the times were to continue or suspend the building works), the decision was made to move forward and maintain the initial plan: to inaugurate the new area before the end of 2020. It is certain that with this expansion we will have a more functional unit; maintain all the present services we provide, but frankly improved in the various departments such as the new Gynaecology / Obstetrics Unit, the Oncology unit (which can now triple its capacity). The special exams unit (gastroenterology, urology and pneumology has also expanded tremendously. At the same time, the present Out-Patients Consultation areas on the Ground floor will also be greatly improved, as will be the In-Patients Unit with additional Private Rooms for Medical and Surgical patients. The Maternity Unit has also been greatly improved with additional private rooms. 
With the 2020 expansion plan in place, the major challenge for 2021 will be to improve the services we provide. The main challenges are the new digital communication platforms for sharing information with our patients, such as our myHPA Saúde App, the new admission “kiosks” that discard the need to que up for admission or payment, saving time spent on bureaucracies while leaving more time for medical care.  Due to the current pandemic situation that no one knows when will end, this new technology has become necessary to increase everyone protection, in a hospital that we continue to consider safe.
It is also necessary and imperative, that we recognize the importance of our teams who on a daily basis, with the utmost and professionalism, provide the best care possible to our patients.  In addition to our medical and nursing staff as well as therapist and auxiliary assistants, including our receptionists who interact daily with our patients, the numerous other staff members who do not deal directly with our patients also deserve the same recognition.  The Administrative back-office teams, maintenance, IT engineers, pharmaceutical services and supply, kitchen, laboratories, radiology all contribute to the success of the group ensuring that the service we provide our patients, improves daily.
Our commitment remains: we will continue to work to improve the service we provide for the satisfaction of our patient; we will continue to invest in our Unit’s differentiation,  both in terms of facilities and in terms of diagnostic and therapeutic equipment; we will continue to invest in technological differentiation, keeping this unit on the same level as  the best in the country. We hope to continue to rely on your trust in our services.

Pedro Santinha

Director of the HPA Gambelas