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Dr. Miguel Allen

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Hospital Particular do Alentejo · Sines

HPA Magazine 16

The CLÍDIS project was developed over four decades, with the commitment and dedication of one family, that in the 70s, decided to embrace a challenge on the Coastal Region of the Alentejo.
Sines was then, little more than a small fishing village. It was the beginning of the National Health System we know today, and the population residing in the remote areas of the main centres were relegated to the background.
In order to fulfil a pressing need for laboratory diagnosis, CLÍDIS was initially a Clinical Analysis Laboratory.
Over the years, its scope has expanded. As the population grew its needs for differentiated healthcare also increased. In the 80's we opened the Out-Patient Consultation Unit and in the 90's the Imageology Department. 

Estamos prontos para cuidar e servir (ainda) melhor


With the continuous growth of the population and the increase in the number of companies that saw in Sines and its international harbour a great potential for development, their needs became different and providing the necessary healthcare became more demanding.
The installations were progressively altered and its capacity increased until it was necessary to think of building a new building from scratch that would bring together all aspects and, thus, in 2006 the “new” CLÍDIS Clinic was inaugurated, currently emblematic in Sines and a recognized brand throughout the Region. 
As the son of this entrepreneurial couple, I have always followed the development and growth of CLÍDIS, in its various aspects, and have had the opportunity to train and do volunteer internships at this clinic, in practically all areas and departments.
Having qualified as a Medical Doctor at the Faculty of Medical Sciences of the UNL University in 1998, I immediately assumed the position of Medical Director of CLÍDIS.
Even in the old facilities, it was a challenge to set up the various medical departments and specialist consultations as well as the Imageology Department. At that time, still with significant limitations regarding access roads into Sines, it was not easy to get specialists of the different specialties to travel hundreds of kilometres for a day of consultation.
I cannot fail to pay tribute to all those who helped us in the beginning, many of whom are no longer working for us or are no longer with us. 
Despite the difficulties, it was with great effort and dedication that we managed to grow, providing differentiated medical treatment in the various field of medicine. 
With the expansion of the building, new and larger diagnostic and treatment areas were made available for our patients, with an excellent and cohesive team of professionals, diversified in the various medical and technical areas.
In the last 10-15 years, Portugal has witnessed a health revolution, with the emergence and quick growth of the current private health groups and also of the population who now have access to health insurance.

Along with the population growth in the region, there was also a new increase for the “demand” of differentiating healthcare.
There was therefore a clear need to take a new leap to provide differentiated medical care for the population of the Alentejo.
In 2015, due to the great affinity regarding the mission and values of the project of the HPA, it was possible to begin strengthening ties and to conclude that the integration of this project made sense for CLÍDIS.
In 2017, we accepted the new and ambitions challenge of opening a new Hospital Particular in the Alentejo, with the capacity to provide elective medical care, emergency care, with an Operating Theatre and In-Patient facilities.
This new stage will require from everyone greater dynamism, integration of multidisciplinary, diagnostic and therapeutic teams, to improve the excellent healthcare that our clients are used to and which they will not do without.
In the last year, the demand to adapt to the COVID-19 pandemic was achieved, with an immeasurable personal effort from all our staff, professional, administration, and management. 
While the requalification/expansion/construction works of the Operating Theatres, In-patient Unit and Intermediate Care Unit were being built, the entire structure and dynamics were revised and restructured.
In record time (one week) the Covid Drive Through was installed with the support of the Civil Protection, City Council and the Sines Parish Council.
It was with all our commitment and dedication that we were able, to respond in a timely manner to all requests from the Health Authority in the fight against this SARS-Cov2 scourge, and to keep all CLÍDIS/HPA services permanently available.
These were troubled times, but for which there is an ending is sight.
We are ready! 
Let us, together and once again, triumph in the face of our history and dedication for the population of the Alentejo.