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Dr Luís Fernandes

HPA Gambelas confirms re-accreditation by JCI - Joint Commission International

HPA Magazine 17

For the second consecutive time, Hospital Particular do Algarve – Gambelas receives Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation.
This recognition comes at a time when the world is struggling with a pandemic and, therefore, in need of tranquillity, safety, service and quality health care.
Auditing took place during four days by three highly qualified auditors. The methodology used was adapted to current constraints and, therefore, to new additional challenges. Instead of the traditional face-to-face audit, a remote audit was carried out, using digital technology. This in no way diminished the level of demand and the characteristic rigor of JCI auditing requirements, since although thousands of kilometres away, the tracers worked in real time with the use of video equipment.

HPA Gambelas confirma reacreditação pela Joint Commisssion International – JCI


JCI accreditation and certification is recognized as a global symbol of excellence in the quality of healthcare provided reflecting an organization's commitment to meeting various evidence-based quality performance standards.
The accreditation criteria are comprehensive, with several areas that were assessed and reassessed by the audit team who complemented the Hospital Particular do Algarve for its approach as well as for the quality of services offered to the community. These areas include, but are not limited to:

  • International patient safety goals;
  • Patient’s evaluations;
  • Patient care;
  • Quality improvement;
  • Infection prevention and control;
  • Governance, leadership and management;
  • Premises Security.

In all these areas, no compromising details were found. In fact, Hospital Particular do Algarve obtained an excellent rating, without the need to take major corrective actions. This is due to the high commitment of our professionals who provide exceptional care, motivated by top management who offer the necessary conditions for a safe environment.
With this re-accreditation, our patients are assured that Hospital Particular do Algarve and its professionals are qualified to offer safety in the care that is provided, based on the best international practices. They also have safety guarantee of its installations. 
Accreditation is also beneficial for our employees as it promotes an increased improvement in working condition due to the safety requirement in place, as well as providing health professional with organizational stability, at the same time establishing a more desirable work environment, conducive to the strengthening of human relationships.
Although only the HPA Gamelas is accredited, the entire JCI benchmark is applied in the units of the HPA Health Group.  Thus, the same level of quality is ensured in our hospitals and clinics.
The next re-accreditation audit will take place within three years, with the certainty that the degree of demand and rigor will be higher still, since every three years.
JCI carries out a review of its standards to which the institutions will have to respond. We are certain that we will be up to the task.

Dr. João Bacalhau
Chairman of the Board  of Directors

CEO Grupo HPA Saúde


JCI accreditation is confirmation of the quality, innovation and differentiation of the services provided at the HPA.
In addition to helping us consolidate and improve the entire structure of existing procedures (infection control, safe surgery, fall risk prevention), JCI has permitted us to evolve in advanced monitoring processes in all areas including all professional groups of the hospital.
This accreditation is the result of the commitment of our Management, but also especially to the dedication of our employees.
It is definitely a seal of quality for our services.

Dr. Paulo Vieira de Sousa
Medical Director of HPA-Gambelas
Chairman of the Medical Council of the HPA Health Group


With this re-accreditation, the quality of medical procedures is reinforced. By improving patient safety and all interactions between professionals it has a dynamic that substantially reduces the possibility of clinical error.
This re-accreditation brings us additional responsibility, an additional desire to do better and with more quality.
For us, Joint Commission International is a way of objectively being able to say that in the Algarve there is a unit that is accredited according to the best international standards.



Enf.º Paulo Silva
Nursing Coordinator of the HPA-Gambelas
President of the Nursing Council of the HPA Health Group


An accreditation process by JCI is a complex procedure, whereby it is necessary to involve the entire structure and all staff members, so that everyone feels the same spirit of mission accomplished.
In qualitative terms, we must face this accreditation from the perspective of continuous improvement, wanting to improve and do better each year in the care we provide our patients. 
If we can “observe and experience” this change, “observe and experience” the increase in quality and patient safety, then the challenge has been won.



Dr. César Santos
Director of HPA-Gambelas
Administrator of the HPA Health Group


This JCI experience has allowed the structure to become more reflective, to problematize more internal processes and, above all, involving all employees.
This is a certification very focused on patient safety and quality care, considered the most remarkable and most credible in the world.
Therefore, it is a great satisfaction to be able to achieve this merit.