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General Surgery

General Surgery

General Surgery is the medical specialty that deals with surgery of the head and neck, breast and endocrine surgery (thyroid and adrenal glands), abdominal and proctologic surgery (anal).

General Surgery even coverers some aspects of vascular disease, chest and organ transplants.

Skin and subcutaneous tissue surgery (minor surgery under local anaesthesia) as well as laparoscopic surgery and trauma also fall under general surgery.

This Medical Specialty deals with the study, diagnosis and treatment of diseases susceptible to surgical procedures, such as the digestive systemendocrine disordersdisease of the breast and hernias of the abdominal wall etc.

General Surgery in an essential prerequisite for other surgical specialties. It covers a vast number of pathologies from benign to malignant pathology, interacting with other medical specialties such as dermatology and others.

At the Grupo HPA Saúde there is a team surgeons with a vast experience in minimally invasive laparoscopic surgery in almost all areas of General Surgery. 

General Surgery is available at the Alvor, Gambelas (Faro) and Funchal (Madeira island) Hospitals 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, with the capacity to respond to any emerging situation and also to cases admitted through the Emergency Unit of the Hospitals.


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