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Preparing for birth

What is involved in our prenatal course “Preparar para NASCER”?

The challenge of giving birth to a child implies new challenges and accepting new roles. This new role of becoming father and mother requires physical and psychological preparation in acquiring new skills and empowerment to prepare for the BIRTH of a new baby.

Prenatal Course Structure 

Prenatal Course NASCER consists of theoretical classes where various topics are discussed such as myths, the postpartum period, labor, pain relief methods, breastfeeding and the care of a newborn infant. Practical classes for couples are held with the object of acquitting parenting skills, increasing confidence and transmitting knowhow, including pelvic strengthening, relaxation massage for the future mother and haptonomy.


  • Getting to know the physiological changes that occur during pregnancy, labor, delivery and in the postpartum period;

  • Demystifying myths that may be the cause of fears and anxieties;

  • Learning which non-pharmacological and pharmacological measures are available to promote comfort and pain relief during labor;

  • Learning to acquire psychological and emotional skills related to the role of parents;

  • Learning to acquire the necessary skills in the postpartum period (breastfeeding, baby care (crying, cramps, warning signs, etc.) and surveillance of the new mother;

  • To develop and promote the sharing of emotions, increasing parent’s confidence in their future role as parents.


Types of Courses

  • Basic: 2 sessions per week (4 water aerobics classes for pregnant women, theoretical classes and pelvic strengthening exercises). Cost: 60€ per month.
  • Compact: 4 sessions of 3 hours each (weekends).Cost:  100€/per month.
  • Private: 1 hour individual sessions. Cost  sob consulta.


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