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Preparation Course for Birth and Parenting


This course brings together future parents, grandparents, relatives and close friends, the main object being to care for the new member of the family during its early days.



Theoretical classes on pregnancy are addressed as well as  childbirth and parenthood and practical classes where the couple is encouraged to participate.


Practical Courses

Practical courses are essential for future parents, where short videos are shown with the object  of creating a gradual confidence and knowledge in the future parents in their new role.



  • Specialist Nurses in Maternal Health and Obstetrics (midwives).
  • Specialist in breastfeeding trained by  OMS / Unicef.
  • Psycologist.


What to wear

Comfortable clothes


This course offers numerous advantages:
  • Useful Information on pregnancy, labor, childbirth;
  • Demystifies myths, fears and anxiety;
  • Teaches and trains techniques that promote the relief of pain during labor;
  • Prepared parents for after the birth of their child (breastfeeding, care of the new mother, care of the baby, colic, understanding baby’s crying, warning signs;
  • Develops parents awareness creating confidence in future parents;
  • Information sharing among the group of parents maximizing experiences.


Hospital Particular do Algarve - Gambelas (Faro): Sasturdays 10am
Clínica Particular - AlgarveShopping (Guia): Mondays 6pm
Clínica Particular - Vilamoura: Tuesdays 6pm


Group Courses

Should begin between the 28th and 32nd week pregnancy.
The Courses are practiced in a group permitting experience sharing.
There are specific courses for grandparents or relatives (optional).
This course permits the presence of both parents until birth and after the birth of the baby.

Private courses

Can begin any time after the 28th week of pregnancy.

Consist of private lessons for future parents (grandparents or relative can participate).
The couple can choose what themes they wish learn.


  • Consultations with the Specialist Nurse during pregnancy and after the baby is born;
  • Simulation of labour in the delivery room (opcional);
  • Edxercises in the various stages of pregnancy and after the baby is born;
  • Free Baby Relax sessions;
  • Discounts and advantages in various courses organized by “Ervilhitas”.