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Hospital Particular do Algarve now has a new technical area - Hair Health

The capillary health treats all hair problems: hairloss so common nowadays, due to various factors including stress, as well as permanent baldness.

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Come for a complete and detailed tricology diagnosis and understand the source of your problem, as well as the best treatment option available for your specific case.

The full treatment including the hair transplant is now available in the Algarve.



Capillary treatment

Non surgical preventative treatment

Capillary hair treatment aims to prevent baldness and regenerate existing hair.

It can also serve as an additional complement after a hair transplant.

Capillary treatment also aims to treat scalp related problems, such as prevention of hair loss, oily dermatitis, dandruff, excessive greasiness, etc.

Hair Products

A wide range of herbal based products manufactured by the laboratory, world leader in research and development of hair products.

Equipment used

  • High frequency;
  • Vacuum therapy.

Hair Transplant FUE - Folicular Unit Extration

Permanent treatment for hair loss

The micro-transplant capillary technique FUE is the most innovative treatment for combating hair loss, with guaranteed and visible results immediately after surgery.

The transplanted follicles will continue to live throughout the patient’s life, due to the area in the scalp from which they are removed. This area has a genetic resistance to baldness and its growth rate will remain unaltered. With the normal hair growth, the transplanted area is naturally filled.

medical specialty available on the following units

  • CLÍDIS - Clínica de Diagnósticos de Sines
  • Clínica Particular do Algarve - Guia


CLÍDIS - Clínica de Diagnósticos de Sines

Clínica Particular do Algarve - Guia